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With the invaluable knowledge and experience of the international theatrical market, local promoters and festivals in over 50 countries, Nova Touring International can bring the World to your next theatrical venture.

Eli Casanova


People say that Australians work hard and this is shown to be true when you meet Eli Casanova as her efforts have continued to provide diverse and entertaining theatre for all ages in Europe and resulted in a company that indicates future growth. With 22 years of experience in the industry Eli has undertaken a broad spectrum of roles from professional performance, arts administration, booking and general management which has resulted in building her knowledge, client base and experience of the international market. As Manager of the International Booking division of Back Row Productions/Clear Channel Entertainment from 1996 to 2003 (London) she managed productions such as; Dein Perry´s Tap Dogs, Slava´s Snowshow, Fosse-The Musical, Gumboots, Circus Oz, Bounce, Mom´s the Word and Shaolin Monks of China.

NOVA Touring International was established in 2003 in Barcelona, Spain. An agency focusing on the development and long-term relationships between producers (to help maximize their touring potential) and positioning them with the right local presenters, theatres and festivals for middle to large-scale commercial productions across Europe. Nova Touring has provided diverse and entertaining theatre for all ages and cultures such as; the two time Grammy Award winner Soweto Gospel Choir, Tango Fire, the Olivier Award and Globes de Cristal production of The Magic Flute by Isango Ensemble, Mummenschanz, The Opera Show, Stomp, The Merchants of Bollywood, Imperial Ice Stars (Swan Lake & Sleeping Beauty on Ice), Shaolin Monks of China, Puppetry of the Penis, Arturo Brachetti, Sinfonity – the all electric guitar orchestra, Clanners, EAST WEST STREET - A Song of Good & Evil, Beyond Bollywood, Mother Africa, Bankers, The Illusionists Live from Broadway, Choir of Man, INALA a A Zulu Ballet and many more

In her own words NOVA Touring International is a boutique Theatrical Booking Agency. "We focus on the touring strategy and long term planning of middle to large-scale commercial productions primarily for the European Territory (including the United Kingdom)". The booking services of Eli Casanova can bring the world to your next theatrical venture.

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