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The first electric guitar orchestra

Territory: Worldwide
(excluding Spain & South America)

Presented by:
Vertigo Tours
Musical Director & Creator:
Pablo Salinas

Sinfonity, the world's first electric guitar symphonic orchestra, could only have emerged from Spain, the birthplace of so many great guitarists.
Sinfonity is the fruit of careful and constant research; looking deeper, going further, biting the bullet.Sinfonity is the connection of a group of masters gathered together to perform classical music with electric guitars in a way which they alone can do. From Bach to Holst, from Vivaldi to Falla. It is a staggering and thrilling experience. A world in which the music is always categorized as classical or popular.

Pablo Salinas, musical director and creator of Sinfonity, is a composer, guitarist, pianist, organist, arranger and producer with more than thirty years of professional experience. As a multifaceted, versatile, broad-minded artist, Pablo has always been open for collaboration with all kinds of musicians, styles and ways to make music. He has actively participated in countless album recordings and shared the stage with such big names as Mike Oldfield, Kevin Ayers, Ollie Halsall, Pino D'Angio, Jennifer López, Enrique Morente, Joaquín Cortés, Joan Manuel Serrat, Miguel Ríos, Ana Belén, Topo, Antonio Flores, Luz Casal, Rosario Flores, Golpes Bajos, Manolo Tena and so many others.

Sinfonity's live performance include so far....... Mérida's Roman Amphitheatre at the 2011 Classical Theatre International Festival Opening Ceremony. At the end of 2012 in Fernán Gómez Theatre, Madrid, with an extraordinary reception by both public and critics, followed by a national tour starting on the 2nd of January 2013 at the La Rioja's 'Actual Impar' Festival Opening Ceremony, +Theatro Nuevo Alcala in Madrid, Córdoba's Guitar Festival, Segovia's International Festival, Málaga, Barcelona, Murcia, Bilbao and with many more international bookings yet to be announced...

Download Sinfonity promopack (PDF)

"The breathtaking quality and the nonstop dramatic effects displayed by these musicians were beyond words [...]"
"We have no choice but to strongly recommend this orchestra. It really is a unique, top notch experience. We were truly excited. We foretell to them a bright future."

"Musical performances are superb, delicate, inspiring. Some romantic, some exotic. Every member of the orchestra plays in a different way replicating the music of a violin, a piano or a flute."
"Pablo Salinas acted as a rock band leader conducting eighteen good musicians who recreated the traditional orchestra's timbres and nuances with the electric guitar's diversity of amplifications and tonalities'[...]"

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